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New site

I have had another site since I took my web design courses, but I never updated it or looked into the plug-ins my hosting services provided. After my father having a falling out with Page Mason being dropped from support with Lunar Pages, I was able to work with the technician to find out where the features were hidden. Among the web services was the WordPress plug-in, and for ease of convenience for my father, I went ahead and installed it. He’s been hooked ever since (save for the spam bots; that was another learning experience). Read the rest of this page »


It’s been a long time…

..How have you been?

I haven’t been on my wordpress account in a long time, despite using it for responding to SLARF reviews. Well, I’m back… sorta. Read the rest of this page »

Another Day At Work…

Okarthel Shop

Just another day at our shop...

Arcaniss Snapshot

Just another day at the 'office'

SLURL link to Okarthel

A quick question to everyone…

I love the phrase ‘respect your elders’, but that phrase has never really met my family. My father insists that you graduate a 2 year college in 2 years. This being my 3rd year, and the high level maths being my final opponents, he insists I am not trying hard enough, despite my argument that no one graduates from a 2 year college in 2 years

So what do you think?


Desktop Boredom

le screenshot of me desktop

Modern Work on Modern Computer

Petition Madness

I’m a moderately active person when it comes to petitions. Originally, as a kid, I didn’t really care for it that much. Politics wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, and that could be due to the fact I wasn’t into tea as a child either. With the mentioning of Bill S.978 through Notch’s tumblr blog, I soon learned more about our government’s actions and ways to have a bigger voice in the debates. This was my real introduction into politics and the importance of petitions. Read the rest of this page »

Just another random Second Life snapshot

Just a snapshot from Second Life

Red sky at night, sailor's delight...