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Another Day At Work…

Arcaniss Snapshot
Okarthel Shop

Just another day at our shop...

Arcaniss Snapshot

Just another day at the 'office'

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A quick question to everyone…

I love the phrase ‘respect your elders’, but that phrase has never really met my family. My father insists that you graduate a 2 year college in 2 years. This being my 3rd year, and the high level maths being my final opponents, he insists I am not trying hard enough, despite my argument that no one graduates from a 2 year college in 2 years

So what do you think?


Desktop Boredom

le screenshot of me desktop

Modern Work on Modern Computer

Petition Madness

I’m a moderately active person when it comes to petitions. Originally, as a kid, I didn’t really care for it that much. Politics wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, and that could be due to the fact I wasn’t into tea as a child either. With the mentioning of Bill S.978 through Notch’s tumblr blog, I soon learned more about our government’s actions and ways to have a bigger voice in the debates. This was my real introduction into politics and the importance of petitions. (more…)

Just another random Second Life snapshot

Just a snapshot from Second Life
Just a snapshot from Second Life

Red sky at night, sailor's delight...

Updated the About page

The title says it all. Nothing fancy or major to post so far.


Twisted Hunt MADNESS!!! (and Second Life in a nutshell)

Okarthel Twisted Hunt Snapshot

The Twisted Hunt is a Second Life grid wide event that occurs in March and (I think) October of every year. Big store owners join in by offering a free gift if someone finds a small box that contains a free prize. Last time, over 240 store owners participated. This time, our company is part of the other 170 companies that joined in.Okarthel Twisted Hunt Snapshot (more…)