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It’s been a long time…

..How have you been?

I haven’t been on my wordpress account in a long time, despite using it for responding to SLARF reviews. Well, I’m back… sorta.It’s funny how a simple class can make you look at things differently. A site called FurAffinity made an ‘update’ that included a navigation bar… it uses a table… it’s only accessible via JavaScript… and it hardly works in Internet Explorer. To top it off, they made the layout only good for widescreen users. Granted, the owner of the website is someone I’ve known to be an idiot.

My boss finally has realized that perhaps I was right about a few things regarding the company. Since taking pieces of my advice, we’ve seen an incline on sales, though the margin isn’t so pleased. She hasn’t fully accepted the new web design, but then again, she hasn’t done much of anything regarding the website in the first place. I’ll surprise her with a ‘beta’ site and see how things go on from there.

As for my animatronics, things are moving slowly but surely. I have decided to use standard ATMega8 processors to save myself the headache and am currently in the midst of creating a fursuit by hand instead of paying a great sum to have someone else do it. If I am going to make kits for these suits, I need to know how they are made, and the best way is to sometimes do it yourself. I like working on crafts, so this will be both entertaining and educating.

My trip to Anthrocon was joyous. The guests of honor were very nice to talk to and running around was a pleasant experience. In various videos already on Youtube, you can find me in the fursuit parade if you look at around the 5 minute mark on most of them (they all typically start recording ONCE the first suiter comes into view).

I hope to fill this out more later and add more content. This isn’t a main source, but it is indeed something that is easier to work with.



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