Flame Soulis' blog

New site

I have had another site since I took my web design courses, but I never updated it or looked into the plug-ins my hosting services provided. After my father having a falling out with Page Mason being dropped from support with Lunar Pages, I was able to work with the technician to find out where the features were hidden. Among the web services was the WordPress plug-in, and for ease of convenience for my father, I went ahead and installed it. He’s been hooked ever since (save for the spam bots; that was another learning experience).
After finding Lunar Pages’ “pot of gold” section, I backed up my poor excuse for a website (made it before college) and set up WordPress on my site. Learning from my father’s mishaps , I went plug-in crazy and soon had everything almost finished. Honestly, if I never took the web design course, I most likely would never have touched the service with a 10 foot poll.
TL;DR I will be updating (Finally) my newer site at Flamesoulis.com. Maybe I will finish the about me page…


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