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A quick question to everyone…

I love the phrase ‘respect your elders’, but that phrase has never really met my family. My father insists that you graduate a 2 year college in 2 years. This being my 3rd year, and the high level maths being my final opponents, he insists I am not trying hard enough, despite my argument that no one graduates from a 2 year college in 2 years

So what do you think?



Updated the About page

The title says it all. Nothing fancy or major to post so far.


YouTube Test…

What I find interesting is that WordPress seems very serious about correcting the HTML I enter in like it doesn’t care. I guess it is helpful in some cases, but this auto-correcting is driving me slightly insane.

What I find odd is how YouTube wants to make use of iframes, which isn’t too compatible with many older browsers. However, with HTML5 on its way, I guess it’s better to plan ahead. As for my vendor system, I still plan to include a ‘lynx’ mode where it doesn’t use iframes or javascripts.

So about the video: it’s pretty old, but it shows my eye blinking module for cosplay costumes. This is far from the final product, but as a prototype, it is working very well. I’m now using some transistors to control the signals and it is working out. I’ll be posting another video later.


PS – Yes I used paragraph tags, but WordPress removes them immediately.

Hello world! (aka, whatever WordPress decided to post in my place)

Oh how wonderful it is to see a fresh, empty blog site. It’s much like getting a new car, if only the new car would suddenly appear at any location I choose it to be at like a Delorean.

So then, while I try to familiarize myself with the actual WordPress system (which has changed ever so greatly in the versions I’ve seen it in prior to now), I guess I will mostly use this for updates on my vendor system, nicknamed Naverous. I’m in the middle of finishing version 2 of the system to replace the initial one created four years ago. I’ve never had to really heavily change Naverous v1 for these past four years, so I’m hoping Naverous v2 will live up to its predecessor.

I might as well use it for also my animatronic projects, which will be targeted for cosplayers (yes, it is a word). I’ll start the next post with a YouTube embedded video to see how well it works out.