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It’s been a long time…

..How have you been?

I haven’t been on my wordpress account in a long time, despite using it for responding to SLARF reviews. Well, I’m back… sorta. (more…)


YouTube Test…

What I find interesting is that WordPress seems very serious about correcting the HTML I enter in like it doesn’t care. I guess it is helpful in some cases, but this auto-correcting is driving me slightly insane.

What I find odd is how YouTube wants to make use of iframes, which isn’t too compatible with many older browsers. However, with HTML5 on its way, I guess it’s better to plan ahead. As for my vendor system, I still plan to include a ‘lynx’ mode where it doesn’t use iframes or javascripts.

So about the video: it’s pretty old, but it shows my eye blinking module for cosplay costumes. This is far from the final product, but as a prototype, it is working very well. I’m now using some transistors to control the signals and it is working out. I’ll be posting another video later.


PS – Yes I used paragraph tags, but WordPress removes them immediately.