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It’s been a long time…

..How have you been?

I haven’t been on my wordpress account in a long time, despite using it for responding to SLARF reviews. Well, I’m back… sorta. (more…)


Another Day At Work…

Arcaniss Snapshot
Okarthel Shop

Just another day at our shop...

Arcaniss Snapshot

Just another day at the 'office'

SLURL link to Okarthel

Desktop Boredom

le screenshot of me desktop

Modern Work on Modern Computer

Twisted Hunt MADNESS!!! (and Second Life in a nutshell)

Okarthel Twisted Hunt Snapshot

The Twisted Hunt is a Second Life grid wide event that occurs in March and (I think) October of every year. Big store owners join in by offering a free gift if someone finds a small box that contains a free prize. Last time, over 240 store owners participated. This time, our company is part of the other 170 companies that joined in.Okarthel Twisted Hunt Snapshot (more…)