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Should Setups Follow Proper Coding?

A bit torn with the coding of my vendor system’s setup file. It’s entirely PHP which means I can do fancy stuff, but where I am torn is echoing the whole page results, which will only ever be viewed once! Because the code is being generated by another coding system and because you are only going to run this setup once, I see no reason to have to do <!DOCTYPE> stuff. A bigger reason is because the text data is very basic and really just needs to be informed to the user about basic things.

Now is there a better way to provide the information other than using echo? Most likely, but I have yet to learn that yet and at this point, it doesn’t fully matter. It would be nicer to keep standard other than just the first page, but then again, the pages won’t be revisited anyway so I don’t see any major reasons for obeying it.

I blame college.